Delivering excellence for our clients is key to the long-term sustainability of our business.

Our relationships are built on transparency, honesty and, above all, our values of Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration.

Management and compliance

Exceptional standards in both customer service and satisfaction are achieved through continual monitoring, assessment and refinement of our delivery processes.

Through mutual trust and open dialogue we get to understand our client’s ambitions and then we work collaboratively to become our clients’ long-term partners and deliver our shared goals.

Critical to these long-term relationships is our ability to deliver consistently high-quality projects, embracing innovation to improve productivity and efficiency. Our ISO 9001 certified management system underpins our approach which is supported by the latest technology and innovation to deliver right first time.

Quality throughout the project lifecycle, from design to operation, is supported by our investment in digital tools. For example, during design development, reviews with customers are conducted using our Dalux cloud-based BIM viewer and mark-up tool.

We actively engage in dialogue with our customers at various levels within the organisation and have been accredited with ISO 44001 for our approach to collaboration.

Customer satisfaction is independently assessed by a third party on a project by project basis and we use a dedicated software platform to internally analyse the data and develop improvement plans. Our internal Infrastructure Excellence awards provide another opportunity to recognise project achievements.

Key Performance Indicators

% of repeat business in our order book

% of repeat business in our order book Chart

% of full year planned revenue secured at the start of the financial year

% of full year planned revenue secured at the start of the financial year Chart


We continue to have a strong pipeline of secured work in our chosen markets, with 90% of FY23 revenue already secured, 94% of which is repeat business. These are important indicators demonstrating we are building trusted, long-term relationships with our clients based on a track record of delivering on their key priorities.

Our focus on delivering quality outcomes and building trusted relationships with our clients is reflected in the fact that 94% of our order book is repeat business. Collaborative relationships provide the platform for our teams to provide trusted advice and focus on performance with clear customer priorities and outputs, all underpinned by our accreditation to the ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships Standard. Client satisfaction is independently assessed by a third party and we use a dedicated software platform to analyse the data and develop improvement plans.

Delivering low carbon buildings
Critical to these long-term relationships is our ability to support clients in achieving their carbon reduction objectives, demonstrating how together we can meet the Government strategy for net zero carbon, alongside our own net zero commitment by 2045. To achieve this we are deploying the latest technology and innovation and debunking many of the myths that exist around reducing carbon emissions. The key tools we use across our business to reduce the carbon footprint of the schemes we deliver for our clients include:

  • Carbon literacy training for the business to ensure we identify and maximise the carbon savings across the entire life cycle of the project.
  • Whole-life carbon tools to assess and measure the carbon performance of components and materials to provide our clients with a clear understanding and informed decisions to maximise the reduction in carbon.
  • Digital technology to assess, capture and record decisions that inform future projects and provide a baseline for comparing the performance of the asset in operation.

Leveraging Modern Methods of Construction
Long-term relationships with clients allow our teams to provide early contractor engagement, to de-risk projects and provide innovative methods to reduce carbon, and improve productivity and efficiency. The proactive nature of our relationships brings a shared commitment to outcomes, rather than scope, that unlocks innovation. MMC are helping to achieve these outcomes across the company, with examples including:  

  • Eastern Command and Custody Unit – we won a Constructing Excellence Off-site Manufacturing Award by using MMC to reduce the required workforce from 50 to 12 operatives, shortening the programme by 10 weeks and eliminating work at height. We had a zero AFR and zero defects.  
  • A52 Meadow Lane Footbridge – as part of the A52 improvement works, we installed an 81m pedestrian bridge. The bridge was manufactured off-site, assembled adjacent to its final location and then lifted into place in one night. This demonstrated the benefits of component-based standardisation to minimise disruption and guarantee quality.

Goddards Green wastewater treatment works – a modularised plant room was built and tested off-site, facilitating modular construction of the building and plant within two days.

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